Amelia Cox – CCC – Moving Forward

This week at Christ Community Church (CCC) has been very exciting for me. I finally got to begin putting some content into the website for Micah’s Promise. I have run into a few minor issues with designing the website due to the need for a custom design upgrade. I will be presenting the need for an upgrade for the website tomorrow to the Micah’s Promise Board of Directors. I am excited to be meeting with them and presenting the website thus far. I do know that there will be much more content thrown my way to put into the website and I’m sure the current design will need to change too. I am a little anxious because I have spent a good amount of time on the website, but the website ultimately is about what the Micah’s Promise Board wants and what will work best for them. My favorite picture on the website currently is a photo that I feel captures the heart of who can be caught up in human trafficking and why Micah’s Promise is a way to help these people.


Since I have done all that I can for the website, until I meet with the board and am given further instruction, I have moved on to my second ‘assignment’ for CCC. My second assignment is to, “Research social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc and make written recommendations for which ones CCC needs to be a part of, and how CCC should use these channels of social media. Create a weekly posting schedule for each channel of social media that CCC should be a part of.” I have read and am currently reading through research and have learned that what is posted on social media is important and that a church should have one month’s amount of postings ready in advance.


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