Working with reporter Sara Lim

Today at the station I was partnered with reporter Sara Lim. I spent my entire day with her and I enjoyed every second of it. At the beginning of the day, I could sense that Sara was pretty stressed out and frustrated which was absolutely understandable being that she is a reporter with tight deadlines to make. Sara had 3 stories that she was in charge of covering today, the first one involving the 47 year old rapper Bobby Ray Stewart aka HiWay who was shot Saturday night at The Supper Club on Buena Vista Rd.. Sara and I went out to see if we could get interviews from either the owner of The Supper Club or by family members or relatives of the deceased. After reaching out to various sources with no avail, Sara & I decided to give that story a break and take a lunch break and head back to the station to figure out what our next move would be. After partnering with the assistant news director Janell, we went out again to interview Dr. Robert Chrzanowski, a Allergist-immunologist specialist. We were able to get a great story courtesy of Dr. Chrzanowski about ragweed season and how it affects people and how to treat and prevent an allergic reaction to it.

Once we left Dr. Chrzanoski’s office, Sara & I went to South Columbus over to the Winston Road and Head street intersection to get some eye witness interviews from local residents in the area about the shooting of 16 year old Christopher Jones. Sara informed me before we arrived that this wasn’t the safest area in Columbus and that the area was very violent. Sara also informed me that because the area is so violent, it may be difficult to get anyone to speak to us on camera. Once we arrived, we asked several of the residents if they could give us any information on the incident that occurred and if they would mind getting in front of the camera for us, but as Sara predicted many were too afraid to be featured on camera discussing the crime. After getting rejected by several of the residents, we eventually left the area and went back to the station.

Once back at the station, Sara began working on her stories and news packages for the evening show. She explained to me that days like that were not uncommon and that you typically have to just take what you can get and keep it moving.

After working with Sara, I really got a little bit more of a better understanding of what it was like to be a reporter on a bad day and how to handle situations when you feel like you are getting no where. Even though Sara started out the day stressed and frustrated trying to meet her deadlines and get interviews for the evening show, she quickly warmed up to me and gave me some very valuable tips and information that you can’t learn in a classroom. I really enjoyed working with her. Sara kept everything raw and real with me and did not sugarcoat anything and I really appreciated that. Her candidness showed me what countless other reporters go through everyday and also showed me what to expect in the broadcast industry.

Sara & I outside the station

Sara & I outside the station

The scene where Christopher Jones died

The scene where Christopher Jones died

Dr. Chrzanowski

Dr. Chrzanowski

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