So Begins the Rebranding

DSC Website1

     In being a Public Relations major I feel a little lucky to be in the middle of a rebranding venture. For those who do not know, CONTACT – A Disability Resource Center is rebranding. A couple of weeks ago the board decided to change its name to Disability Service Center. The reasons for the name change go back to the original nonprofit of CONTACT 211. Damage to the nonprofit’s reputation with donors were caused by past directors. The current director, Jay O’Neal, was trying to overcome that reputation with donors to no avail. The decision was made to rebrand.

This rebranding was a hard decision because the word ‘contact’ is such a perfect word to describe the nonprofit mission as being a resource center for people with disabilities to ‘contact’ when they are looking for resources to assist them. In order to distance itself from the past reputation the nonprofit had to completely drop CONTACT from the name. As seen in the picture above, the new name is Disability Service Center. This name was chosen because it clearly states the nonprofit is for people with disabilities. However, the logo will be kept in place.

A rebranding is a great, but easier, undertaking for a corporation because they have resources to release ad blitzes and spread the word through media outlets. For a nonprofit with limited funding, this becomes a grassroots effort.   This grassroots effort begins with word of mouth and changing the name on everything. Therefore, this first week we have worked on this rebranding effort by with reworking the website. Other tasks in the rebranding effort included brochures and business cards.

A fun part of the rebranding effort was participating in the Beep Ball game under the Disability Service Center name. I had fun and found it interesting trying to hit a beeping ball with a blindfold on. Trying to run towards a beeping base while blindfolded is a different story. It was interestingly scary not knowing where I was running except for what I could hear. It was an experience that, in a sense, opened my eyes to the fun everyone had doing it and something I would like to be a part of in the future. I also met people involved in the Beep Ball game, requested interviews and will set up the interviews fairly soon to help spread the word.

*Note:  Some issues in this and future postings may be limited due to HIPPA regulations.

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