Decisions, Decisions!!

Last Years Internship Fun!!

As it probably has been for theres of academia, settling in to the semester has been hectic and exciting all at the same time! Internship opportunities galore, but picking the right one has been trying to say the least, but I think that I’ll be able to announce an internship for certain this Monday. I have interviewed with a few, but this is my last big internship, so I truly want it to be a viable, applicable, as well as integral part of my portfolio when I go on the “real” search after this spring.

Those of you reading this blog, scanning for testimonials confirming the success of the CSU Communications intern program can rest assured that if you put forth the effort both in class and in your internships, you will find yourself with multiple choices. It’s exciting, yes, but daunting having so many choices after four years wondering if this will all pay off!

I now admit to you my disquiet going forward! However, with the support I have received from professors and trusted advisors such as Dr. Gibson, Dr. McCullough, and Dr. Parks, I feel a bit more at ease that I have what it will take to not only succeed but to exceed expectation had by all.

I am now going to rub my earlobes, repeat “Puppy dogs and waves” incessantly as I place in the back of my mind my unease, and put my bast foot forward toward success and a fruitful career. We’ll talk to you again next week when I fill you in on the final decisions and announcement of my internship.Don’t forget about my Word of the day and Video of the day down below! Until then, in the words of the great Red Green, “Keep your stick on the ice!”.

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Word of the day:


\ CHER-ee-pik \ , verb;

1.Informal . to select with great care: You can cherry-pick your own stereo components .

2.Informal . (in retail use) to buy only the sale items and ignore the other merchandise.

Definition of cherry-pick| See synonyms| Comment on today’s word| Suggest tomorrow’s word


It’s easy to cherry-pick silly or ill-considered or factually flawed things he’s said.

— Hendrick Hertzberg, “Foul Tip,” The New Yorker , Jan. 16, 2009

It is only on a second reading that one can see how delicately Sethe cherry-picks what can be told to Denver as the epic triumph of Denver’s birth…

— A.S. Byatt, Toni Morrison, “Introduction,” Beloved , 2006


Cherry-pick entered English in the 1960s possibly as an extension of the slang term cherry-picker , defined by Railroad Magazine in 1940 as a “switchman, so called because of red lights on switch stands. Also any railroad man who is always figuring on the best jobs and sidestepping undesirable ones.”

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