TOOLS for Schools Davis Broadcasting Inc.

Schools are starting back and Davis Broadcasting is always trying to give back to the community in one-way or another. This year they are continuing there giving spirit with the annual back to school “ school supply drive” titled tools for schools. In the past they would ask the local Wal-Mart closest to the station, which is Wal-Mart on Buena Vista Rd to donate school supplies and the community to donate school supplies. Then the station would take the supplies to families in need.

However this year the promotions director here at DBI and the General Manager at the Wal-Mart on Buena Vista Rd, combined forces to make it so that all the Wal-Mart’s in the columbus area donated supplies and set up baskets at all the registers for donations and binds set up at the entrances/exits to the store for people to buy supplies and drop them off in the bins.

We have had about six meetings discussing all the technicalities of the event; in those meetings I was the official note taker! After all the meetings I would type all of my notes and send them to all the directors at the station. I also got the privilege of designing the banners that are at the Wal-Mart’s.

This weekend is the big finally of the event. Friday people from all over Columbus will be driving by the station dropping of school supplies, with the intent to have enough to fill up the FOXIE105 van. Then the next day we will be at all the Wal-Mart’s in columbus driving around in the station vans and we will also be promoting live at the events doing call in’s.I am stationed to help pack the vans with schools supplies this weekend. It is fun to help the community and learn the ropes of planning an event at the same time!


This is one of the bins that are located inside of the station for drop offs!


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