Cuts for Kids… Traveling in the Station Van!


For the past week we have had to go to basically every barbershop and salon in the Columbus Phoenix City area. So if you have seen the Foxie105 van or the ESPN van outside a salon it was us. The Promotions Director and I have been riding around trying to get salons and barbershops to participate in the annual cuts for kids that Davis Broadcasting has done for the passed 23 years.




I have learned that when putting on a free event it can be difficult to convince people or company’s to provide their services, even when they are technically getting paid. How does this work? Well radio stations don’t get their money from people just tuning in, because we don’t pay to hear the radio. Radio stations want people to tune in to get high ratings, why? Because they get their money from sponsors and sponsors will pay more money to be featured on air when that station has higher ratings. So when a station ask a company to donate their services they intern will provide them with air time which would normally cost them more money that what their services actually cost. However trying to explain that to these companies sometimes is a little bit difficult.




Today the Promotions Director said she was going to send me in alone to try and convince a salon owner into participating in the event. I was extremely nervous, I was also glad I looked the part today I had on a nice black suit and just gotten my hair done. From what I learned in my persuasion class, you have to be the product you sell, going into a hair salon I would want my hair to look amazing and trying to convince them to give us their services away I would need to look professional and trustworthy!




I went into the salon gave them my spill and it was a success!!! I was so happy I got the salon to commit to doing 75 little girls hair for the event! It was very scary but I am so glad she let me do it!




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