Jazz on the River


Jazz on the River an annual event hosted by Davis Broadcasting and the Civic Center returns again this year and thanks to the teachings of Youngrak Park my interactive media professor at Columbus State I was equipped with the skills to design this years jazz on the river flyer!

This was a really fun project to do, when I was casually showing some of my work to some of the employees at the station word got out that I was skilled in Photoshop. Which resulted in the Director reaching out to me, about designing the flyer. I loved the real life application that I could use from my class to this actual situation. In my class the professor talked about taking what the client wants and making it. They gave me basically a free range of creativity when designing, only asking for the “J” in Jazz to be a musical instrument. When making the flyer I went back to the drawing board three times until I pleased my client. Each time the Director saw something in my visual that could cause communication errors from the audience.


My first design was so different from the ones they did in the past, they did not want people to be confused on if it was a completely different event or not.

1st design

My second design was uniformed with the past, however the dark background suggested a night event versus an evening event,


My third design they were extremely pleased, everyone at the station loved it!



However we did have a issue with the last design when it was time for the Civic Center to display the flyer on the screens outside the building the last design was too colorful to show clearly, making it hard for people to see the information on the poster. So I had to make a simple design just for the Civic Center display monitors.



It was fun to see the communication process that goes into making something like this!






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