Family Day

Every year for the past 25 years Davis Broadcasting has hosted Family Day in the Park. This year on its 26 annual celebration Davis Broadcasting revamped the event adding a car and bike show, a long list of artist from almost every genre and they even changed the location to the Columbus Civic Center. The event population attendance increased about 2,000 people from previous attendance. Being apart of the DBI (Davis Broadcasting Inc.) Street Team which I am doing my internship under I was able to help this entire event come alive.

During the first few weeks prior to the actual event I was assigned the task of designing and making the employee badges for the event. I also assisted the Promotions and Marketing Director in getting all the supplies necessary for the event to take place, and I also assisted her with promoting the event. This was fun because when I graduate I would like to do something similar to this and it allowed me to see first had the work and details that go into making an event happen.

Even though I am working at a radio station it has never been my dream to actually be on the air. However you never know until you try and for the event I costarred on a promo that the station did to help get volunteers for the event.

On the actual day of the event I had to get there at 9am to help with set up. Around 11am I was stationed at the check-in/registration booth for the Car and Bike Show. There were a lot of amazing cars and bikes.


As the day went on I was later stationed at the kids center which was a designated children safe area, which had giant bouncers, free refreshments, snacks, and gifts provided by Wal-Mart. When I was there I was partnered with DBI employees and volunteers, our job was to make sure everyone was safe and hydrated.


My last stationing of the night was in the hospitality suite; this is where all the DBI employees, guest and volunteers were allowed to go when they needed AC or food, however that night it was closed off for just the performers. There had been performers constantly throughout the day starting 2pm. However at about 8:30pm the last a final act was going to perform and they had the hospitality suite reserved for just them. They were a famous group from the 70’s that I had never even heard of, however when I was texting my mom asking her about them I was quickly informed about their fame. The group was called the Bar-Kay’s, and I assisted one of the DBI employees with making sure that they had everything that they needed, and with bringing them to the stage.


The event was very long and the preparation for it was very stressful for everyone involved. However we were all very proud of the turn out and proud of what we all did to make it happen. It was great first had experience that I couldn’t learn out of a textbook.

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