D30 Radio : Real Talk with Chequelle

D30 Radio : Real Talk with Chequelle

This summer I have the opportunity of working at “D30 Radio” and I am more than excited! D30 Radio which stands for Dirty 30, is an online radio station in Columbus, Ga that is geared towards promoting Independent artists not only in the Columbus and tri-city area, but also outside of the city of Columbus. I am learning everything from what it takes to put a radio show together, market the show, blog, and also run a radio show behind the scenes. In order to prepare me to learn all of these things and more I have been given the opportunity to have my own online radio show called “Real Talk with Chequelle.” On “Real Talk with Chequelle,” I talk about everything from what’s going on in entertainment, to real life issues that are happening everyday. I give my opinion and outlook on these topics while playing music that I love from mainstream and independent artists. What I say may or may not offend some people, but it is my truth and I share it with my listeners. My target audience is 18-30, but anyone is welcome to listen. There is no radio show I feel pertains to what my generation is thinking and/or feeling and that is where I come in. My show requires social media participation so I will be very active on all of my social media accounts :instagram, twitter, and facebook to connect with the people and grow my audience.

There will be guests on my show that I will interview to help get their music, event, or organization out there and I’ll also be perfecting my interview skills in the process. I’ve already had the chance to interview the rap group “GPS da Squad” from Columbus, Ga and they were a load of fun. They will be performing on D30 Radio’s Indie Artist Concert June 26th. gps


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