Taking my talents to Group Comm – Derek Bailey

The best thing about being an intern for the NPACE Center, using your talents, abilities, and resources for other classes!!


I have a group communication class for Dr. Gibson in which I volunteered to work with the Hope Harbour Shelter for domestically abused women and children. The shelter is a non profit organization which makes it fall right under the jurisdiction of the NPACE Center!!


My class mates and I  decided to create a PR think tank for the organization so that they could have a set of materials in order to use to generate revenue, donations, and volunteers.

We used the labs in the NPACE center to shoot and edit video commercials, radio PSA’s, and flyer and distributed the materials out through uptown downtown Columbus and Columbus State University. We essentially raised the visibility of the organization.

We could have easily just volunteered our time or made donations but what we did is long standing. Far from the semester we worked with this organization they can use the material provided in order to still reach people and communities all throughout the Columbus and Muskogee area.


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