CSU SPorts Talk , Episode 3

CSU Sports Talk Crew

CSU Sports Talk Crew


CSU Sports Talk_ Episode III

Revenge of the Crew!

In this thrilling installment of CSU Sports Talk we had the guest that I’ve wanted to interview since before the show started!!

CSU mens Baseball coach, Coach Appleton. I’d heard great things about coach A and had been following him and the team since my days on FNSP and had been wanting to interview him for a while. Simple put he is the Mike  Krzyzewski of Div. II baseball. His list of accomplishments are too long to list here but I’ll put it to you like this, he has took two different peach belt programs to the level of national notoriety and the one he is coaching now is a favorite to win the conference and return to nationals!!

Coach Appleton

Coach Appleton


One downside to this episode is this is the last of the season for CSU Sports Talk. I really had a great time doing the show and look forward to next season!! I really appreciate all the students and faculty who came together to make this show a success but I really want to give a big shout out to PROFESSOR ROGER HART!

Since I’ve arrived at Columbus State University he has pushed me to develop my broadcasting talents and him and Dr. Gibson have afforded the ability  to be on many different broadcast and without them none of this would be possible.

And thats all Folks

See ya!

See ya!


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