CSU sports Talk, Behind the Scenes – Derek Bailey

Sometimes CSU Sports talk is with the lights, the camera, and sports talk!

Sometimes its fun with the cracking up and joke slinging between us as friends!

But sometimes, CSU sports talk is hard tedious work behind the scenes!




This week was the latter! I spend alot of time down here at the NPACE studio not researching stats, not sitting in front of a camera, but brushing up on my decrepit skills with Final Cut Pro. Final Cut pro is the the premiere software in digital footage editing. I worked on both the last episode of CSU Sports talk and also the last discovery day radio show broadcast shot in NPACE. Its alot of fun because we have all of the different camera angles broke up into a multicast screen where you watch all four camera angles at once and then click thru to redirect each one on the main screen.


These last couple of days in the Mac Lab have definitely got me more comfortable editing film but also have gave me a new found appreciation for the students that work behind the scenes at NPACE Studios!


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