CSU Sports Talk/ Artbeat – NPACE – Derek Bailey

Another Day Another Dollar!! Image

This  weeks episode of CSU Sports Talk was another success I honestly feel like as the weeks roll on we become more proficient. We get smoother and smoother every week. This week we highlighted men’s basketball season wrap up and did a feature story on the golf team while providing  stats for other sports in competition right now. We had special guest Dean Sando, men’s basketball assistant coach. We have the first weeks show ready for roll and we also have the intro video that will open all of our episodes edited up, thanks to the hard work of CSU interns and student assistants! Honestly the broadcast is taking off quite well.


ImageThe 2nd half of my day was devoted to artbeat! After the show we literally about a 30 min turn around till we had to reorder the studio and get it ready for a running 2 hour segment full of interviews conducted by myself and WLTZ’s own Josh Pate. It was good being back on air with Josh.

He kind of showed me the ropes on my first live broadcast a year ago and I had honestly forgot how well we worked together. I had a great time learning about all the different performances put on at Artbeat that I may have not have heard about in the natural course of my day. It served as a bonding experience. Different guest meeting and conversation and painting us each a backdrop of their artistic works and involvement into Artbeat. I can honestly say, I could do this for a very long time. Not too mention we were provided free pizza by the department…I was a very happy camper!!

Tune in next week to CSU Tv for another episode of CSU Sports Talk. Also feel free to reach out and contact me personally if you have any ideas for an athlete spotlight or a segment, bailey_derek1@columbusstate.edu.



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