As the semester comes to an end I find myself being overjoyed, frightened, anxious and grateful all in one moment. Come May 12, 2014, I will be a college graduate and it’s quite overwhelming. I am grateful for the experiences and lessons I have learned through my junior and senior internships. They have given me the best introductions on what takes place in a business and organization. Not to mention, I have been granted an extension at The Boys & Girls Clubs administrative office until I am ready to transition back home to Stone Mountain, Georgia. I have also gained a great mentor at my internship, Ms. McReynolds, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity the Communication Department at CSU gave me by placing me at my internship.

It will be a sad moment to no longer have to do group projects, work on research papers and study for undergraduate finals. I know one may wonder why I might miss these things, and its simply because it puts me back in the Communication Department at CSU as s student. I will now have to wonder whats next in life and if i’ll get that job applied for. I am no longer just a student, I am now an individual who holds a Bachelor degree and is looking for her first job.


As for my last blog post of this semester, we are gearing up for our Annual Upatoi Polo Cup. These event helps bring in funds for operation cost at our clubs. It is a day of fun events for the entire family. We have a catered lunch for adults as well as hot dogs for the kids, a kids corner, silent auction tent and more. Last year I was responsible for the kids corner, art tent, silent auction tent and more, The year will follow suit and I am ready to jump on this project as it takes the entire summer to plan for.



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