SYP Presentations – Red Cross – Jo Garrison

This week we will continue to visit the high schools in Columbus, GA.  Our intentions are to inform the students of the Summer Youth Program with the American Red Cross this upcoming summer. I am really looking forward to visiting with Chattahoochee High,

Chattahoochee County High School

and Northside High this week.


Northside asked if we would come out and speak with some of the classes for the entire day. I am really looking forward to doing this because I will be able to brush up on my presentation skills some more. One of the many skills I have enjoyed perfecting during my internship with Ms. Walton at Services to the Armed Forces, Red Cross division on Fort Benning is my ability to efficiently deliver speeches. I have been debating whether or not I should put together a brief power point presentation to use during the classroom presentations.  Even though I have a foldable billboard to use as a visual effect I’m pretty sure all my professors would say I should definitely do so.



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