NPACE: Last Show Chronicles -Chatil Bradford


Although I have been absent from the NPACE for a couple of weeks due to unforeseen circumstances, it felt great to be back this morning. We were able to have a CSU legend on the show, Coach Appleton. His roots within CSU baseball are long and deep. He came in with a winning mentality and continues to maintain that winning spirit amongst his teams and coaches. It was great to have him in our presence this morning just to hear his wisdom and to pick his brain about his coaching and playing career.

This semester at the NPACE CENTER has been nothing less than a great learning experience and something more to add to my resume. I have become more acquainted with production and on-air skills as well as levels of professionalism when working with clients.

I would like to thank all of the people that have made this show possible. From the production team, to Dr. Gibson to the editing crew to my co-host. You have all been wonderful and a great help to everything that I am trying to do in the future. Thanks!




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