As the end of our fiscal year is approaching, we are prepping for our annual letter campaign. Each year we send out close to 600 letters to former and potential donors to assist with annual operation costs.  BGCCV only charges $20 per child for after-school care, when actual cost runs close to $1,000 per child. By doing this, children in less fortunate situations are given the opportunity to be in the care of trained staff, peers and in a safe environment.


I prepared the letter last month in efforts to focus on the smaller things that go along with the letter. I also created the template for a small informative card that goes with the letter. The card contained two of our club members and their success stories in the club.  Once the card was completed and sent to the printer, the real work began.  As much as one may try to avoid “stuffing envelopes”, its goes with the job. Therefore, I have been adding all the contents for the letter campaign to envelopes this week. As always its worth it when working for non-profits. Once I seal that last envelope I’m quickly reminded that the hard work helped open the door to another GREAT FUTURE  for a child in our clubs. What’s more rewarding than that?


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