Event Planning- Columbus Area Habitat For Humanity- Anna Justice

I love my internship. And I don’t want it to end!

I am learning so much about community relations, organization, fundraising, blogging, and having fun while doing it all.

This week, I’ve helped Laura Ann (CAHFH Resource Development Manager) plan out all the steps we need to make to make sure everything is set up for our annual fundraiser A Feathered Affair. We have had some wonderful birdhouses already brought in from local celebrities and seeing the creativity from within the community makes the event even more exciting! There’s been lots of exciting things to do. We’ve found caterers. We’ve been able to get the beer and wine donated. We’ve created an online auction site so that people will be able to bid for a birdhouse they may want before the event even begins, created a Facebook event page, mailed invitations, and printed off flyers.

We had a fun surprise from some friends of ours this week and just in time to show their excitement for A Feathered Affair. We found this robins nest inside one of our homes that we’re building.  Laura Ann thought it’d be great to write a blog about it, and I was excited to be able to do that, as well as help her with other details as the event gets closer and closer!



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