Branding – US Army – Michael Molinaro

This past week I got to see some of my hard work actually be put into action here at the unit. When I first started this internship the first thing I did was take some photos for branding purposes. Branding is essential for a unit like the Marksmanship Unit because they deal with recruiting so much that they have to stand out for more than just being in the Army. So many people come to the ranges for competitions and see this as the mecca of shooting is the U.S.


The military wants the best shooters coming up to military ages so they can try and recruit them. The unit is the best marksmanship unit in the military, so it only makes sense that they make a splash when hosting events. So I took photos and sent them up through the chain and now they came back and we installed them in various places, like the ranges.


I also took a bunch that depicted the unit’s mission that is now hung up prominently near the front to the most-used range.


It’s cool to look at the photos and know those are mine. Nobody else does, and that’s ok. As long as the job gets done, we are good to go.


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