The Reality of Business – Moe’s Original BBQ- Elizabeth Strickland

Opening a business is by far one of the scariest things you could do. Knowing that so much is on the line keep so many people from following their dreams. Although I am not an owner of this restaurant, I’ve felt just as nervous and anxious as they have. As any business, some days are extremely busy and some days are dead. The dead can get you down and discouraged, if you let it. During one of our ‘dead’ lunches, we received a refreshing and motivating review in the Panama City Newspaper.


The owners: Will Casanova, Trace Armstrong, Ryan Helsley.

The reviews we’ve been receiving as well as daily support from the locals have kept my hopes high; even through the days where defeat was beginning to set in. Motivation is key in any business or trade. I have learned many valuable lessons through this process, but ultimately, know that everything doesn’t go as planned and hiccups are apart of any process.


One of the Moe’s food trucks in Denver, CO. So much personality!

The Beach Box, a restaurant review company will be by this Saturday, April 5,  to try us out for the first time. I’ll be sure to let you guys know how it goes.


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