Summer Youth Program-Red Cross-Jo Garrison

Now that I have successfully completed my first behind the scenes look at putting together a fundraiser I will be helping Mrs. Walton set-up this year Summer Youth Program. Every summer the American Red Cross offers a six week program where the teens in the local area can volunteer. This is a great program that not only provide the young adults something proactive to do for the summer but it also gives them a chance to give back to the community. I have set-up times to do lunchroom presentation at every Columbus, GA high school and am looking forward to the next two weeks. I really enjoy getting out in the community and to be a part of helping our youth do amazing things is a wonderful feeling. I have been working on a flyer for us to hand out during the lunchroom presentations. I was able to find a template online that was easy to replicate and, while keeping in mind instructions Dr. Parks taught about designs and layout in Integrated Web Design, I made a few modifications.

Here’s a peak at what I have so far and feel free to tell me what you think.

Red Cross Summer Youth Program flyer

Red Cross Summer Youth Program flyer


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