Good Things Happen to Those That Wait

The term, “good things happen to those that wait” has been oh so relevant within the past week. Last week, I was told that beginning in May, I would become the restaurants marketing and PR representative. Until this point, I have been given certain objectives and done my best to complete them and represent the company in the most positive manner. As you all know, I’ve been training the new hires, posting and tracking our social media pages, and whatever else I can do on a daily basis to help. This internship has allowed me to get my foot in the door and made this future position possible. As I’ve said in one of my recent post, there are so many things we can all continue to learn on a daily basis and I’m trilled to continue this learning  process, even after our internships are over.

I must learn to load the pit! Yum yum!

I must learn to load the pit! Yum yum!

Everyday that I’m at the restaurant, I learn something new that I can use in the future. Ultimately, it’s small things. Things that aren’t overly interesting or challenging. Original owner Mike Fernandez and pit master has instilled in us, what we do isn’t overly complicated or difficult, but a million small things that have to be done perfectly. I guess I’m just crossing my fingers that I can actually remember a million things! As usual, this week will bring new challenges and new understandings. Bring it on!


The quant and whimsical store in Daphne, AL. What a great atmosphere!


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