Golf Extravaganza- Symone Grady- The Chamber

Last week I was assigned with the task of creating a save the date flyer  to promote the upcoming Golf Extravaganza hosted by the  Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce. This event will take place in May this year, and has become an annual event that members and partners of the Chamber look forward to.  This event is a wonderful networking opportunity for employers and employees in the community. Instead of simply creating a flyer for this event. My supervisor and I thought that it would be a great idea to create a memorable slideshow. 

My supervisor showed me a slide show that was created to promote the 2013 golf extravaganza as a reference. She then provided me with all of the pictures taken from last year’s event that was to be used in a new slide show. Ultimately, it became my job to create an appealing slideshow to highlight moments in last year’s event and to get members to attend this year.
Before working on this project, I immediately thought of principles that I learned from my interactive media production class. I wanted to be sure to communicate the desired message, make the slideshow interesting and fun, while also providing essential details. 

The message that I wanted to communicate to viewers was that the golf extravaganza is a  fun and exciting event that should not be missed. With this in mind, I incorporated a lot of pictures of people engaged and having a good time. I also incorporated bright colors. 

I knew right away that the most difficult part of this project would be making a slideshow of pictures entertaining and engaging. People generally have short attention spans and do not want to watch a scroll of pictures play out before them. So, I decided to add in a few exciting graphics and incorporated text throughout the show in an attempt to hold the viewer’s attention. I also added upbeat music to make the slideshow come alive. Another concern was length.  I wanted to be sure that this slideshow is as short as possible. With all of the pictures that I was given, the slideshow lasted 30+ minutes. I knew right away that I would have to eliminate show pictures from the slide show and shorten the amount of time that a particular picture was presented. Miraculously, I was able to get the slideshow down to a little over 7 minutes. The finished product turned out to be a great representation of the Golf Extravaganza that viewer’s will enjoy. 


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