Events and Board Work – Jyotstna Scales

photo 1
Today I got to work on the board as usual but also help plan events. We are trying to come up with some upcoming events for May and this summer. Right now we have an upcoming comedy show April 18th featuring Bruce Bruce, Gary Owens and Earthquake. We are also hosting an Easter Egg Hunt that same weekend on the 19th at the South Commons at noon.

I got to work the board again today as usual. I took all the phone calls during the “Topic of the Day” feature and played them back for the audience. I did mess up and played too much of the next audio. I’m not sure if the audience heard my slip up but I know my mentor did. He told me don’t worry that is what practice is for. He told me to just rewind the track for the next voice segment and play it back.

To my surprise we also got to film a little bit for a video in the making. Overall, today was a fun day and I learned more about working the board.


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