Event Planning- Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity- Anna Justice

I’ve gotten a little taste of what it takes to put together an event like “A Feathered Affair.” And I’m loving it.

I wrote a blog for Habitat this week giving the details about this great event to the public. We are having a birdhouse auction downtown at the Joseph House Gallery.

We’ve been working out the details of the event such as finding catering, getting tables, chair, invitations, tickets, and making sure birdhouses are distributed. Since we’re a nonprofit, we try to save money where we can so more of our budget can go to construction instead of overhead costs. And thankfully, we have generous sponsors in this community who have been willing to donate various things such as floral arrangements, tables, chairs, and their time and talents to decorate a birdhouse for the actual auction!

These were some of the birdhouses that were decorated by local Habitat supporters from the event last year. This whole process has been a great learning experience and also a lot of fun!

11-768x1024 35-768x1024 101-1024x768

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