CSU Sports Talk, Take Two, Derek Bailey

This week on CSU sports Talk we had a couple of different segments, we had Dean Sando , men’s basketball assistant coach, and a member from CSU stacked Golf Team, and when I say Stacked I mean stacked!!

CSU Golf

CSU Golf

The Golf team, much like baseball and tennis teams are off to a sizzling hot start and are a team you should most definitely keep your eye on in the future!!


After having Matt Gay do a special interview with the Golf Team, I got to do what I do best, sit down and talk basketball with Men’s basketball assistant coach, Dean Sando. It was great having played for Sando as a player and now getting to interview him about the culture of Columbus State and where its heading in the future it kind of put a certain warmth in my heart to see some one who cares about players and the program as much as I do.

Coach Sando

Coach Sando


I know the semester is coming to an end guys but please stay tuned cause we still have more to come!!


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