CSU Residence Life: Burn Notice – David Douglas



photo 3

Burn Notice, hosted by CSU Residence Life, was created as a practical demonstration to show how quickly an unattended flame can escalate. In this event a mock dorm room with furniture and other items commonly found in dorms.  I first got word of the event the morning through social media (Instagram), and decided this would be a great opportunity to show case what I have learned so far. I checked out a camera and tripod and set up 15 minutes before the event started. While waiting for it to kick off I decided to interview a few students that were at the event.  Whenever I film an event I try plot out the story I am attempting to tell in my head, and I ask myself what footage I need to the story. In this case I needed interviews of students, residence life coordinators, Columbus Fire Department fire Marshall Ricky Shores, and b-roll of different activities at the event. To interview students and other officials I used a wireless lavalier microphone (picture below), which takes away the hassle of holding a microphone while speaking. After interviews I collected b-roll footage of students interacting, firefighter setting up, and CSU affiliates giving out varies items (oven mitts & t-shirts).

Once I arrived back at the studio I transferred files from memory cards to one of CCG-TV computers. What happens next is any camera mans worst nightmare. As I was viewing files it quickly hit me that I had no sound on any clips besides those with interviews. As a result I was unable to produce a final product, but I learned how vital headphones are to monitor sound while recording. Had I done this I could have prevented an hour of filming without sound.

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