Creative Communication Students – David Douglas

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In an earlier blog I mentioned a student produced show Conversations with Dave & Eric. Conversations with Dave and Eric started out as a crazy idea of Eric Barnhart, a fellow communication student and assistant at NPACE. The goal was to promote NPACE and student talented students of Columbus State University. However, after filming four episodes students began to show a large amount of interest in being on the show. At this particular time we were filming everything in the radio station along with other NPACE related shows.

As a result instead of just changing locations we decided to involve other students and create fun and entertaining skits. TV-Turnt Up emerged which started out with a group of 4 communication students. Our first skit was about called “Ratchet Reporter” which took a look into a hood/ratchet news reporter and here uncivilized approaches of covering news stories. The second skit called “Couples Retreat” was about to couples that sought counseling to repair their relationships.

Check out the YouTube Channel:

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