Creating a Broadcast News Package – David Douglas

news package

            This week my goal is to produce a news packet. News packets can be 10 seconds to 2 minutes. You may be thinking, “Well what is a news package?”  A news package is an edited story that is produced as a result of multiple interviews covering a story. The goal of a news package is to display a complex story by backing up the story with facts, use of dramatic sound effects, and recorded testimonies from witnesses all keep the audience eager to follow the story.

With brutal rain, overflowing drainage systems can cause a problem for low laying areas in Columbus. I decided to produce news package on what has the City of Columbus done to combat flooding issues and what resources are available to victims of flooding. In order to produce a news package you must know your mission or what is important about this story that citizens should know.  Than you figure out whom could you interview for relevant information about your topic. From there you should film b-roll footage that ties into the story you are telling. I will post the finished story in a later blog, but for now click the link below for an example of a news package.

Click Below:

How to create News Packages

Molly News Package Gas Price News Package

Gas Price News Package


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