Center Stage-Tier Wootson


For the first time while being here at WLTZ, I’ve met a potential guest who has stage fright. They ended up rescheduling to gain more courage to face the camera. No matter how nervous I am before I get on camera, as soon as action in called my nerves goes away.



I’ve been here for 8 months now and I’ve never seen Kirsten, Miller, or Dj Chip get nervous while on camera. Since our guest re-scheduled, Dj Chip ended up helping Miller out with the weather and having some fun. I think that’s the key to ending stage fright. When you have fun with what you do, you don’t think about the logistics, you just concentrate on having fun and slowly but surely the fear or nerves start to go away.

I think about whenever that time comes for me to take the stage, how will it be. All I know is when you love what you do and you have passion for it, all your fears and never will go away. Whenever our guest gains the courage to face center-stage, I will tell them to have fun and be themselves, after all in show-biz that’s all you can be!

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