Act Like A Lady- Think Like A Boss-Tier Wootson




As I was shooting “Chip’s World”, I was thinking to myself, how is being behind the camera really going to help me get in front of the camera? But then I remembered everything works for a purpose. I have learned a lot about the media world at WLTZ, and over the last couple of weeks it has further more made me realize I am exactly where I need to be in the moment and time in my life.

I have learned that¬†patience is not a virtue. This has taught me that I want to be the one being asked what time can you do an interview on Friday. I want to be the one that says, ” Tier Wootson how may I help you.” There is a lot of power when one is the boss, but everything must work together as one. Considering I am going to have my own production company one day, I know what my future employees will go through, and I have to encourage them that their time will come for them to shine but in the meantime, work hard, pay your dues, keep the faith, and everything will work out. So while I wait, I’m going to Act Like A Lady but Think Like A Boss.

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