Uptown Columbus Jam Fest -Tier Wootson

For “Chip’ World” we had Elizabeth Hurst from Uptown Columbus come on to the show and discuss what was going on in Uptown Columbus. She spoke about the Market days on Broadway and how they go all the way until November. So if you really into organic and fresh foods this is the place where you need to be. She also taught about the Uptown Concert series and how every Friday for the next two months you can go downtown and see your local favorite band play for free!!!!


Now we couldn’t start off the week without having some mishaps. Everyone has heard of the Monday blues but we had a Tuesday blues. There were a lot of things going on that day particular when employees may oversleep on accident. Now we have all had that day where we didn’t here our alarm, but in show-biz it is quite interesting because when you call to see where they are, it’s like they are in a dream and forgot what day it was. Everything worked out and he made it to the show. So remember if you want to get your party on Friday go downtown and enjoy some free entertainment and on Saturday wake up and check out the great items at the Market.


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