Orchestra Performance – David Douglass – NPACE

 photo 1 photo 2

Orchestra of Columbus State University performed at the River Center, in which several NPACE colleagues filmed the performance. Personally, this was my first time filming an NPACE related event out of the NPACE center. I must admit this was truly a learning experience because I had no knowledge of the Panasonic GH-3 cameras that were used in filming. Also, I had no idea what to expect from the performance that usually last 2 hours.

Once at the River Center we set-up three cameras on the upper-level of the auditorium. One camera was used as the wide shoot which served as the safe shoot or go to shot. The second and third cameras were set up on the left and right sides to provide close up shots of soloist and orchestra directors. Being that I had no past experience of filming this event I decided to start out operating the center camera which was a wide shot. After 30 minutes of performance, during intermission I switched to a side camera which was more hands on than the center camera. I thought of it as an opportunity to experiment with shots and be creative. This was a great experience filming and listening to music.


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