Interview with Chris Hammer – David Douglass – NPACE

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On Sunday, February 23rd I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Hammer who is the creator of Urban Pop. Chris was in town this weekend attending the Comic Book Show held at Coca Cola Space Science Center located in the heart of uptown Columbus along the Chattahoochee River walk. Before meeting Chris I did some research on some of his art work, which I found very impressive and also a great way to develop interview questions.

Including myself there were three of us there at the NPACE center setting up for the interview scheduled at 10:00am. This turned out to be an interesting experience because out of the three of us we all had no idea how to turn-on the studio lights, what settings the camera should be on, and or whether or not there should be one or two cameras use. We did not began to set up until around 9:25 which seemed to be more than enough time to have everything set and ready to go. However, we made the mistake of not checking everything to ensure we had the green light.  While solving these problems we each learned from each other through sort of trail & error. I figured out how to operate the studio lighting and adjust them while Kimberly and Matt figured out the best angles for the interview.

In the meantime around 9:50, I headed to pick up Chris from the Coca Cola Space Center Once arriving back at the studio someone decided that an interview with a green screen in the back did not make for a great background. It ended up taking 30 minutes before we were able to film.

From this experience not only did I meet Chris Hammer, but I learned the importance of time management and proper preparation. Now had we checked and double checked everything like we should ahead of time,  a 3 hour visit at the NPACE Center could have been as simple as 30 minutes in and out the door. As I reflect on the experience I think everyone did a great job keeping their cool and working through difficulties we faced.


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