Green Screen Fun – David Douglass – NPACE

photo 2

Today I learned how to key in different affects or animations using the green screen. Eric Barnhart and myself recently decided to start a student produced show called “Conversations with Dave & Eric”. The purpose of the show is to promote student talent here at CSU, no matter what your talent is we are open to it. The goal is to have fun and learn how to use NPACE equipment, and hopefully encourage fellow communication students to become involved. Personally, I feel as if a lot of students have no idea that the NPACE Center exist or even that students have access to equipment and other resources.

So far we have recorded five shows in which we plan to edit and show on CSU-TV, but the hard part is creating an intro and exit for the show. Eric had the brilliant idea of shooting some footage on using the green screen, and let our creative minds do the rest. In a matter of about 15 minutes we recorded footage and uploaded it onto Final Cut Pro for editing.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding “Conversations with Dave & Eric”. If you have any questions or would like to be on the show email me:

Want to learn a software? Visit for easy to follow video tutorials!

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