CSU Baseball Graphics – Jake Hall – Sports Information


   This weekend I ran the scoreboard graphics for the CSU baseball live feed. It was an interesting day because when I showed up to the ballpark there were about 50 little league baseball players. They were at the game for little league night. They received a poster and a variety of prizes for answering baseball questions in between innings. They also got to get the autographs of the CSU baseball team after the game. I got to witness a little bit of the marketing side of collegiate athletics so it was a very valuable experience.

I pretty much performed the same job that I worked for the PBC Basketball Tournament. I kept track of balls, strikes, outs, and runs. It was pretty monotonous, but was also a valuable experience as it is a job that somebody at every television sports broadcasting event has to do. CSU won the game against Montevallo, which is great because that is also a conference victory which counts twice. I have become pretty adequate at running the TV graphics station so maybe one day it can turn into a job. I think the best apart about the job is getting to watch good sporting events while sitting in the best seat in the stadium.


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