Back To Basics – Jo Garrison – American Red Cross

The past week I was able to put to use basic public speaking skills instilled  in me from Communication 1101.  I found myself self-analyzing every emotion and feeling my body was going through when asked to deliver a speech announcing upcoming events American Red Cross would be hosting on and around Fort Benning for the month of March.  Periodically on Fort Benning there is a meeting to keep those living in the community informed about happenings around the post.  When it was my turn I could feel my heart racing and my nerves start to jump, but then I remembered everything I was taught, took a deep breath and I nailed it.

Public Speaking Red Cross

Jo Garrison-Public Speaking-Red Cross

It’s amazing how you do things so many times in life and you never know there is always room to learn more about a subject.  Even though it was not my first time giving a speech to anyone it was my first time knowing the specific of how my body was reacting to the situation and I was able to use those reactions to better deliver my message.  By the end of the speech I felt a huge accomplishment and at that moment I was proud to be a, Columbus State University, Communication major.


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