Valerie Evermon, Pancakes & Pom Poms, Easter Seals


This week at Easter Seals, we are getting everything ready for our big kickoff breakfast for the Walk With Me 2014 fundraiser. This breakfast is for all of the returning team captains, new people interested in starting a team or those simply interested in participating in the walk and want to know more about it. We are serving a pancake breakfast at 7:00 this Friday morning at the Easter Seals West Georgia facility. Shortly after everyone has received their food, there will be a short PowerPoint directing people through the process of signing up their team for the walk on the website and setting up their online fundraising page. Instead of it being your ordinary, somewhat boring, informational meeting, we want this year’s breakfast to be more like a pep rally. So, as guests are eating, we have arranged for some of the children and adults who go to Easter Seals to pump them up with a cheer. We have been working very hard on this and they are excited to show everyone their cheer skills, they even get to shake some pom poms! 

This breakfast is very exciting because it marks the starting point of a city-wide campaign to raise money for our local Easter Seals. Each team sets a goal for how much money they will strive to raise and they get to decide individually how they will meet that goal. It cost $25 to participate in the walk, so some teams recruit as many people as they can to join their team. Other teams design and sell t-shirts or other goodies. It will be fun to see what this year’s teams will come up with to raise that money.

This is the third year Easter Seals West Georgia has hosted Walk With Me and I have a feeling that this year will be better than ever. There will be a live band, a fitness trainer to help stretch all the walkers/runners, someone from Oxbow Meadows with creepy-crawly critters, stilt walkers, and we are looking into even more.

Everyone at Easter Seals is very excited about this year’s walk! I am currently working on a promotional video for the event, including pictures from the past two years, information about the event, and it also includes some of the participants asking viewers to “Come walk with them!” It’s coming along nicely and will hopefully debut on Facebook in the next week. Check it out by visiting our page. If you would like to find out more about this event, how you can help or get involved, visit the Easter Seals West Georgia Walk With Me website.

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