The Walls are Up-Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity- Anna Justice

This week is finally here: Collegiate Challenge 2014. Like I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, we have 91 students from all over the U.S who choose to come build four Habitat homes on their spring break. We’ve been creating leader packets, verifying their lodging, picking up t-shirts, sending out news releases and getting the details down.

Now it’s already halfway over, but it has been busy and so much fun. On Monday (10), we were excited to have 3 local news stations come by and interview students and capture the excitement of the week.

We had a great lunch the first day of hot dogs, chips and sweets, which was catered by the Exchange Club of North Columbus.


By the first day, the frames of the houses were up. It’s so exciting to see the  progress each day!

IMG_20140310_104021_008 (1)


Last week, I was able to see some of the inner workings of a news station.

CAHFH was featured on  the Dee Armstrong show. Dee asked all about Habitat’s ReStore, and hopefully viewers will come out and shop and also spread the word to their friends.  These past two weeks have been busy but so much fun!

photo 3


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