The time is here – US Army – Michael Molinaro

So the week that has been on the calendar for quite some time, the reason I was afforded this opportunity to intern for the Army Marksmanship Unit, is upon us. Tomorrow, Thursday March 13, we will host more than 1,300 civilians from around the region to Fort Benning at the Army Strong Experience (ASE). We’ll show off the Army and a lot of the force’s capabilities.


My role has been developing branding for the event and pitching ideas to media. I expect to have all of the local media on hand and there is a chance I may even conduct an interview or two on TV. I will get them interviews of people who can talk about the event on camera, make them media kits so they have an idea on what is occurring, and I brief them on the rules for the day when it comes to media. Since guns are often involved there are places they can and can’t set up, protection like ear plugs that they need, and so forth. So it’s my duty to ensure their safety and that they get the shots they need to make a good story. It helps them do their job better but also ensures that the message we want to get out happens.

Since it’s the Army we don’t plan for one event and forget about everything else. Multiple projects are ongoing all of the time. This past week, besides planning for the ASE, I had to market one of our teams for an upcoming match they will be in.


I also took lots of photos at a training seminar we had for civilians from the Dept. of Defense and then posted them via social media.


Next week I’ll have all of the recaps from the ASE and photos. I am doing 40 hours on the internship this week, so while it’s a lot, it’s so rewarding and the experience is going to pay huge dividend in the future. I can’t wait to see what happens.


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