The Game Plan- NPACE – Chatil Bradford

This week was a good week at my internship because we were able to set some things in stone and develop a game plan. We have changed the format of our sports show to mimic the “Mike and Mike” show on ESPN. That pretty much means that we will have a recorded radio show aired on television of the anchors and guests in the studio. We have decided who our first guest will be and we are also adding some b-roll footage to the show as well.

My co-host will be a former CSU basketball player, Derek Bailey. We are making sure that all of the behind the scenes work is finished before the on screen talent and taping begins. We both have athletic backgrounds which will help us with the production of the show because we know as atheletes what people find interesting and what they would enjoy watching. We want to make our show a reflection of the work we would like to do in the future.  We are the producers of the show and we will meet every week in the NPACE Center to go over ideas and any other news that needs to be discussed. I am looking forward to the shows to come.



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