Producers- NPACE – Chatil Bradford

As one of the producers of the show, I am asked to come up with enough content to fill the time slot of the show. It has been somewhat fun for me to do this past week because I am in charge of finding out information regarding Women’s Basketball as well as Women’s track and field. These are both sports that I am a participant of so the information is easy for me to gather and present to the audience. My other counterparts will be focusing on the other sports that have started this spring such as tennis and golf.

We are working together as a team to find enough interesting content to present to our audience because we understand that they would like to be up to date on the sports going on around campus. We also talked about ways in which we can promote to other students around campus to be involved with our show. We will try to use already established networks and organizations around campus to promote for us on their sites and at their events as well as showing our faces so people will begin to notice what we are trying to do.

photo 5



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