PBC Conference Basketball Tournament – Jake Hall – Sports Information


CSU hosted the 2014 Peach Belt Conference men and women’s basketball tournament. The winner of the men’s side and the women’s side receive an automatic entry in the 2014 Division II NCAA National Championship March Madness tournament. It started on Thursday and went through Sunday. The SID had to handle all of the behind the scenes stuff.

My job over the weekend started as being the graphics editor. Basically I managed the live scoreboard that people at home saw on the live internet feed. That was certainly a “trial by fire” experience because I had never done this before. Eventually by the second game I had it figured out and under control. Well one of the directors of the live feed had a family emergency so they needed someone to run that position. I was the natural choice for the job because the station was right beside mine.

The director’s job is choose the correct camera angle for the feed. We ran three cameras for the tournament, so my job was to choose the camera angle that best displays the action on the court. it was literally like watching the game on TV, but you get to chose the camera angle. It was a unique experience and for three straight days that was my job.

I had a blast working the tournament and the CSU Lady Cougars made it even better by winning the ladies tournament. By winning they have an enormous opportunity to compete for a national title. All I have to say is “Go Cougs!”


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