NPACE Center -Chatil Bradford

This past week at the NPACE Center, I was able to experience the behind the scenes meetings with all of the interns and workers of the NPACE this semester. The meeting was solely focused on the pre-planning of all the events coming up in the future weeks and what needed to be covered. It was also a time where all of the interns were delegated a responsibility for each of our shows.

As an anchor on the sports show at CSU TV, I was delegated the responsibility of co-producer of my TV show. This is nothing new to me because I was in charge of finding talent for the show at my last internship. I was ecstatic when they gave me this responsibility. It carries a big weight of the show but it will also give me more experience for my future endeavors.

I look forward to beginning the process of taping and recording for our episodes to come. There is a wonderful team that I am working with and we all are experienced in different areas to help each other out with our weaknesses. After the taping of this show, it shouldn’t be a problem for everyone to understand and be able to perform any duty required for a television show.



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