Judges and Nominees for YOY

The past two weeks have been very hectic for everyone at BGCCV. We have all been working hard on making sure everything is in order for our Youth of the Year event. I spent the last two weeks working with WTVM, on editing two videos that will be aired during the event as well. That in itself has been a very fun and educational experience for me. Having a strong background in video broadcasting from high school allowed me to be more helpful  and I got to see how new software programs are being implemented in the editing process. Click the links below to see clips of the nominees airing on WTVM this week!

In addition to, I sent out our second news release regarding the event and it will be featured in Phenix City Life Magazine and was released on WTVM’s website as well. To read the article follow the link below!

Picture Information:

Front row from left to right:Board member Julie Stark; guest judge Nora Garrard; board member Judy Dunham; Finalist Jhaqula Tyson; Finalist Austin LeathersBack row from left to right:Guest judge Gene Perkins; board president Jack Turner; board member John Flournoy; Finalist Joseph Knight, Jr.; Dr. Chris McCullough; board member Bill Reaves; guests judge Dr. David Lewis; and Finalist Caleshia Ferguson


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