California Dream-Spring Break 2k14 – Tier Wootson





As many of you all know I want to become an E! News corespondent, and last week I got a glimpse of what my future will be. For spring break, I went to LA, and ironically the Oscars were happening while I was there. So my roommate and I went to the Oscars and got to see all my favorite starts from Kerry Washington, Zac Efron, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Lupita, and of course Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. To top everything off I was spotted on the red carpet through E!’s live stream on

I have never seen so many cops/security in one area before. There had to be a least 200-300 officers/body guards. As I was waiting for the red carpet to start I saw local news cast trying to make there way in, but security wouldn’t let them because they had to go through proper security searches. Due to the fact that I want this to be my life, I witness the set up of the Oscars and how they get the red carpet ready for the stars. It was easily the best experience I have had with the Entertainment Business thus far.

I also did a lot of site seeing hoping I would meet celebrities, but it seems that everyone left Hollywood after the Oscars. In the above photos are me at the Oscars, the infamous Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Hollywood Wax Museum, and me placing my hand on the handprint of the one and only, Michael Jackson. This was easily the best spring break ever and I have learned that there are many people out there trying to do the same thing I am, so I have to work 10x as hard to make sure I accomplish my dreams. It was surreal coming back to regular life, school, internship, and work. I can’t wait to become a California girl-living her California dream!

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