R4R Wheels Rolling Forward-Jo Garrison

The old saying, it’s easier said than done,” comes to mind as we prepare for Red Cross Awareness month in March.  When one of the volunteers pitched the idea for us to put together a Poker Run, a voluntary group of motorcycle riders who will be starting from a gathered point and going along a two and a half hour pre-selected scenic route through west central Georgia and returning back to the American Red Cross Fort Benning location where we will provide food and beverages, I couldn’t wait.  I am still immensely excited, and cannot wait for March 22, to see the outcome of our hard-work and dedication.

Putting together a fundraiser requires a lot of communication with different organizations and groups, promotion by using different public relations avenues, and dissemination through mass media.  Last week I was able to complete the rough draft for our poster/flyers and the final editing has been done so we have started promotion and distribution.  I have been working on setting up the Facebook page along with all the other internet avenues.  We intend to have flyers sent out to all on-post and off-post media sources, i.e. newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations such as Benning T.V.  Below you can find the link for our Facebook Organization page that is still a work in-progress but up and ready.



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