California King Snake: Conquering Fears-Tier Wootson-WLTZ

This week we had Mrs. Jan Kent from our very own CSU Oxbow Meadows. She brought some friends with her. She brought a shell of a tortoise and a California King Snake. If you want to go see the tortoises, you need to hurry up. They will only be here for a limited time. As she was on air she said the California King eats other snakes, particularly venomous. If you all didn’t know, I am highly scared of snakes, especially after watching movies like Anaconda and Snakes On a Plane. California King Snakes have teeth, but only bite when they feel threaten.20140226-145802.jpg

After the show, I wanted to semi-conquer my fear of snakes, so I decided to hold him.  DJ Chip was taking a video, which I didn’t know, of me conquering my fear. I felt so proud of myself to conquer my fear, especially in an atmosphere that is geared towards news and not wild life. I have experienced and learned a lot here, but I am most proud of this moment because it was a personal victory that I can check off my bucket list.20140226-145754.jpg

If you all would like to go to Oxbow Meadows to see some wild life, they are located at 3535 South Lumpkin. RD. They are open Tuesday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm and Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm. Admission is free.

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