Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity- Anna Justice

In an average work closet, you would most likely expect to see the same old filing cabinets full of paperwork. But not so much at CAHFH.

Mrs. Cynthia Walker’s office closet (CAHFH Family Service Manager) is stocked up with not so typical office items, such as: ketchup, mustard, soft drinks, Gatorade, pancake mix,  and syrup.

food (2)


Here is where her wall used to be. Before it became a water wall.

water wall

Some might see it as chaotic, but at CAHFH all these groceries mean only one thing: Collegiate Challenge.

It’s getting closer and closer.

100 college students from Washington College, University of Pittsburgh, Western Kentucky University, and Emory and Henry College in Virginia will all visiting Columbus, GA to build four homes for our partner families during the week of March 9-14th.

It’s not only exciting for us here at CAHFH but for the city of Columbus. It’s a time for all these out of town students to experience all this town has to offer.

Also,  CAHFH turned in the United Way application today!


I helped as best I could, but it required a lot of work from the staff and especially Laura Ann to fill out this 14 page application. United Way is a wonderful organization that partners with local agencies, and by filling out this application we hope to become potential partners with UW.

There are is a lot going on at CAHFH and even more great things to come!


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