Learning Something New Each Day, NPACE Center, Leonard Hood

This week was very informational for me. I learned a lot of new things in the NPACE center and in my related classes. I started my intern week editing audio for the Degree in 3 video that is being produced. I was taught how to use the noise reduction feature on Adobe Audition. With that feature, I was able to completely take out the extra background noise that was in the interviews. All the humming sounds were taken out of the clips and the overall sound ended up being crisp and clear. I have been editing audio for years and I have never learned such a quick and efficient way to get that airy background noise out until now so I was excited.

My video production class was very interesting this week because the class was taught helpful effects we can use on Final Cut Pro. One thing I learned that was pretty cool to me was how to select a certain color in a video, for example the color red, then with the effect, I was able to take the other colors out of the video and have only the color red showing. Therefore everything else was in black and white. I have seen that effect used in videos in the past and I always thought it was the coolest thing to see in action. After that we were taught how to correctly use the green screen effect. After recording someone in front of a green screen, there is an effect you can apply to the clip in final cut pro. After applying that effect, all you have to do is choose the background that you want to show up and the program will replace it for you.  For something I always thought took rocket science to do, it sure was easy to do in actuality.

Me in the NPACE center

Me in the NPACE center



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